Custom built PC locking up repeatedly.

Hi guys I've never posted on here before actually asking a question so bear with me, I'm a bit of a computer nub.

Basically, I bought a custom built PC about 3 weeks ago and pretty much from taking it out of the box it's been having issues. I'd ordered it without an OS but upon turning it on (to install Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit) I found it already had W7 Professional so I left that on, all was well in terms of the OS. I initially ran the system with my old graphics card in (HD Radeon 4800 series) as my new one (XFX 7700 series) had yet to arrive. Within about 3 hours of the PC being turned on it cut out. I turned it back on, about 10 minutes later it cuts out again. Total cut out by the way, no bluescreen etc it just shut off. I deduced that this was the power supply so, quite mad that I'd just spent a lot of money on this rig, swapped my old power supply (a 550w branded PSU) for the one that I'd bought with the PC (an obviously cheap, shitty unbranded one, so my fault for ordering it at the end of the day).

After swapping the power supplies it ran absolutely fine, temps were fine. When I got my new graphics card it ran even better in terms of temperatures as my old card was quite a greedy little thing. For about a week everything was fine, it was running well and no lock ups, all my drivers were up to date (with the exception of my BIOS which I found out a few days ago).

However, in the last week it has been locking up constantly every single day regardless of it being turned off at night (I don't like leaving it on like I did with my old PC). When I go into Event Viewer it logs absolutely NOTHING, the only thing that pops up is when I have to manually turn it off with the power button. So began my long quest to seeing what the hell is going on.

I ordered this PC with on board graphics as the cards they were selling were overpriced pieces of crap essentially and I also ordered it with a wireless adapter built in. When the PC arrived I found to my dismay that regardless of which graphics card I used I couldn't use the wireless adapter because the card wouldn't fit above it with it in. It was either graphics card or wireless- I now use a wired connection. So now I've already had to remove the wireless adapter and I've also had to scrap the PSU that the PC came with- patience is running at bit thin at this point.

So the locking up...It occurs whether I am sat idling on desktop doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (bar having the 'My Documents' window open) or in game, or watching a video on Youtube, or on Facebook, etc. It seems to happen totally at random regardless of what I'm doing. So I started going through my components one by one. I ran Memtest fully on my RAM, there were no errors at all. I ran checkdisc and there were no errors. I swapped my 7770 out for my old 4800 graphics card just to see if that was causing any problems and it still locks up regardless of which card I use. I've had the case open and made sure everything was seated right, my only concern in regards to the case is that there are quite a lot of wires everywhere and I've tried tidying them up as much as possible but I have no cable ties. I also tried running the PC without the mouse as I heard my motherboard had issues with gaming mice (I just have a little OCZ mouse which has never been a nuisance in the three years of owning it). I then found out my BIOS required an update so I flashed that without issue, that was all sorted out. It didn't stop the lock ups though. I even unplugged my speakers and headphones yesterday to test that as I'm just desperate now to find out what the hell is wrong with my PC.

I am consistently checking temps and none of them are even remotely concerning. Prior to locking up the PC will generally become a fair bit slower and laggy then eventually it just locks up. The screen doesn't cut out, it simply freezes up, I can still adjust the backlight on my keyboard and the coloured DPI switch on my mouse but I can't access or input any controls through either my mouse or keyboard, I always have to turn it off again manually. When I had speakers or headphones plugged in the PC would make a god awful sound when it locked up which would just loop until I turned it off. I have tried leaving the pc for upwards of an hour (in fact I left it on last night for the first time to do a full system virus scan and it locked up about 3 hours after I'd left it, 5 hours after that when I woke up and checked it it was still locked up, but no viruses thankfully). It also locked up at one point and started beeping, the same beep it makes when it starts up, it's only done that one time though when locked up. A couple of times after having to restart it after a lock up I can hear the fan whirring up and down speed wise as if it can't quite get started up, though that generally only happens when I try and start it up immediately after it's locked up.

I also did a full clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64x (I formatted the hdd prior to installing). Still locked up afterwards.

Sorry for the massive info dump but I'm at the end of my tether now. I feel like a total idiot for having seemingly wasted money on this setup. I voided the seller warranty by opening up the case to replace the power supply (they would only have replaced it with the same sub-par power supply that broke in the first place) so that isn't an option (I also do not have the spare cash around after upgrading to further upgrade again on a whim). I can however save money over the course of the coming months so if I do need to replace something then that isn't an issue. I also have manufacturers warranty on all of my parts (minus the power supply I had to swap in of course). To my knowledge all my drivers are up to date and running fine, as I said earlier Event Viewer gives me absolutely nothing but the log of when I turn my pc off manually after it locks up. Any help at all would be wonderful!!!

MSI 760GM-P21-FX
AMD FX-4130 X4 (AM3+, 3.80GHZ, 4MB L3 Cache)
Xigmatech Apache Low Profile CPU Heatsink
2x Kingston 4GB PC10600 1333MHZ DDR3 Ram
Hitachi 320GB Sata 7200 RPM Hard Drive
XFX HD 7770 Core Edition 1GB GDDR5 HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card
Power Supply is either Corsair or CoolerMaster (I can never remember) but it's 550w/12v.
Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

Edit: My keyboard is a Razer Lycosa, I'm using an OCZ mouse model number OCZMSEQRM, a B525 HD webcam and my computer is connected via a VGA cable from my monitor to a DVI switch on my card. Those are my only peripherals. The only programs I have installed are Steam, Skype, Teamviewer 8, Firefox and the AMD Catalyst Control Suite thing.
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  1. Check the mobo has the latest BIOS, and you have all the latest Drivers - don't depend on install disk, get the latest from the websites - and I'd be giving thought to returning it
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