Mini DP to HDMI /Active adapter

Asus HD6950 2GB -2x DVI 2x Mini DP
Asus VN247H 3 Pc. Using HDMI
Bizlink Active adapter (BZL-KS-10008)

Monitor connected to Mini DP, are only recognized i CCC as unknown monitor.

That Means that I can't get the rigt resolution 1920x1080.

What to do ??

Jorgensen - Denmark
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  1. Hi..

    I properly have the answer to my question now..

    The active adapter I have been using in the last setup (Old screens) Are not suitable for the new monitors, witch have HDMI input.
    Today I have placed an order for a new active adapter, mini display port to HDMI.
    Supplier : Lindy LDY41724 (This model is Eyefinity certified by dealer, but not by Eyefinity)

    The adapter is out of stock, and will hopefully be delivered next week. At the same time I noticed pixel failure on one of the new monitors from Asus, so that one is going back.................

    I will get back as soon as my setup are up running...


  2. Hi.. My setup is now up running. Due to this new adapter Lindy LDY41724.
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