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laptop vs desktop debate
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  1. Desktop. You can upgrade it easily. Overclock it, get new fans,.....
  2. Desktop for general use, however I'm personally trying to get away from space hogging towers and Gigabyte is releasing a mini-PC that's capable of gaming and others called a Brix in 3 forms so I may check out the Iris gaming version otherwise I'll probably settle with a mid-range gaming laptop.
  3. I have both, and a tablet. Each serves it own specific purpose.
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    It depends on what is actually in the computer of course; but in my experience laptop tends to be best for things that require mobility while desktop is better for when you need the raw power and don't need to move it around. Desktop hardware is generally more powerful, easily upgradeable, and easier to keep cool, but of course the big heavy tower isn't going anywhere. The laptop is usually harder to upgrade, is probably going to cost more to get equivalent power to the desktop, and many have heat issues, but it is of course smaller and easier to move.

    If you could get both, then get a good desktop and a cheap but durable laptop for tasks needing mobility (you don't need much to stream and word process). If you could only get 1, and are either a student or a worker that moves around a lot then get the laptop. If you want to do things that need good hardware like games and already have some sort of work laptop then definitely get a desktop. As said before, it really depends on what you intend to do.

    I have a desktop that I built where I do all the stuff that I don't want to fry my laptop over, and have a laptop that I got cheaply for when I need mobility/studying
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