Best way to hook up case fans mobo or psu?

In the middle of my first build and need a little help please. I have no fan controller so the only two ways of hooking the 4 case fans up are either through the mobo or PSU which is best and why. Thanks in advance.
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    If your Mobo has got enough room for 4 case fans,there's no better choice since the board monitors the fans according to your temperatures. But if you're left with no fan headers,then the PSU is your only choice. Though,if you connect the fans directly to the PSU,what you should keep in mind is that your fans will be rotating at full speed,with no fan speed control,which may end up in your PC becoming more noisy. Though,don't worry your case will stay cool.
    So in short,go with the motherboard,if you have the required fan headers,and go with the PSU connection if you're left with no other choice.
  2. use all the motherboards fan headers before moving to psu power. with motherboard headers, you can control the fan speed while if its all on the psu, the fans will run at 100% constantly
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