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Uhmm, Im gonna build a gaming pc. (mostly just for browsing, gaming,watching, and entertainment) Im having a hard time choosing which CPU I will get. Here are my specs:

CPU: I7 4770k vs I5 5670k
MB: Asus Maximus Hero
Gpu: MSI Lightning n770
RAM: 16 gb Corsair Vengeance

What is the best cpu you can suggest for me?
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  1. The I5 is all you need for gaming. 8gb of ram will also be plenty.

  2. BUt if im gonna get a Core i5 4670k, will it last for about 3-5 years and one more thing, can 4670k handle a little of photo editing and video recording(but no editing).. Thank you.
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    Asking how long a cpu will last is problematic at best. 3-5 years for any system component (in terms of will it run XXX or YYY) is sheer guesswork. Physically, if you do not abuse the cpu (massive o/c) and keep it properly cooled, it should easily "last" 5 years. Chances are it will still play most games, but at differing levels, etc depending on what is required of a cpu/gpu in 3-5 years.

    The 4670k will be fine for a little editing/recording as long as you are not expecting to be a video production machine.

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