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My company needs to store very sensitive video for 6 years. We have already calculated that over the six years we need to store the video we will have about 32tb. I have a decent amount of knowledge from building computers over the years but nothing like this. The most important thing is that whatever happens this video can not be lost. I have been looking at theses drives (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822236520). Cost is not a huge factor in determining what to get but it would be nice to stay under $6000 each. I will need to build 6 of these in total. My biggest problem is I do not know how to connect 10+ drives together in raid. I have been looking at raid 6 because it seems reasonable reliable for the efficiency. Any tips or recommendations would be greatly welcomed. Thanks.
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  1. look into Synology RS2414+ (about $1900) or RS2414RP+ (about $2500), the RP has a redundant PSU.


    it has 12 3.5" bays and it will allow you to add drives to the Volume at a later time.

    also it is expandable with the RX1214/RX1214RP unit to add even more space.

    I am still trying to find out what the difference between the WD SE 4TB and WD RE 4TB is. I always used the WD REs
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