What exactly does physX do?

I was just playing Mafia 2 with a 450 gts from nvidia.

Then i took it out and put in my HD 6970.

My ? is apart from better frames with the HD 6970

Their was no difference with the PhysX in a graphics way.

I thought AMD don't do PhysX
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  1. it is a little different

    because it is old game with PhysX doesn't much different
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    PhysX is is a tool utilised by nVidia cards that allows real time physics calculations to be made on the GPU itself. This allows more realistic physics to be simulated in games, instead of seeing "scripted" physics that developers had to program and you'd see the same animation every time you activated the input. Only some games incorporate PhysX into their games, Mafia II being one of them. On the nVidia website it says the developers used PhysX to incorporate realistic cloth simulation in their games.

    Sometimes I think there is an option in the graphical settings to enable PhysX on the GPU - perhaps that is why you didn't notice a difference. Or they just coded the cloth animation well for AMD cards so the difference is unnoticeable.

    If you want more information about PhysX, here is a link. :)
  3. Thanks Lads:)
  4. It also hammers the frame rate if you try to enable it on a non Nvidia card.
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