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download original HP recovery image

Hello. Id like to know if its possible to download hp recovery image for HP Pavilion dv7 7106ei. Ive looked around but cant find it. HP told me i can buy a cd but it cost R950($100 roughly). please help
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  1. Don't buy a recovery disk. Download a free Windows 7 image of the same version that you use from HERE and burn to a DVD. Use your activation code on the computer stick to activate.
  2. THanks for reply. Ive done that and downloaded all drivers from HP and installed and updated them. However theres an issue with copying files. When i copy a file from or two an external or usb or copy withing my hard drive it slows down my system that its almost not possible to anything. My laptop specs are:

    i7 3610QM
    120GB SSD
    16GB ram
    Nvidia Geforce GT 630m 2gb
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    I suspect that it may be your SSD, I've seen that issue a few times. I would back all files and then do a secure erase of the SSD and a clean installation of Windows 7 and all the latest drivers starting with the chipset driver.
  4. Ok thanks I will try that. Thanks
  5. Also insure that you set your bios SATA mode to AHCI just before the fresh install, it performs better than IDE mode if it is available.
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