Booting Windows 7 and 8 from uefi mode

Hi There- I have a MSI GT70 laptop and I have set it up with a samsung 840 pro ssd and the toshiba msata that it came with.

I want to leave the windows 8 installation it came with on the msata drive, but also have windows 7 on the samsung. The problem is I can't boot both drives in the same mode. my windows 7 would only install onto the sata under legacy mode, and the msata will only boot under uefi.

I only want to be able to select os's from the bios via the boot selection feature- I don't care about dual booting them as both drives are kinda small, and I want them to run completely independently of each other.

How can I get that samsung with windows 7 to be recognized in uefi? It's an x64 ultimate copy, btw.

Many thanks!
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  1. Ah looks like my flash drive had not been set up for uefi. I used this tutorial to reinstall my iso, and reinstall windows 7 under uefi.
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