Looking for a good graphics card under 700$ which will play all games in the next 5 years.

So i was looking for a graphics card for my gaming computer. So i wanted to know about a few things like which will be good :
1 Crossfire AMD 7970
2 Buy AMD 7990
3 Crossfire AMD R9-280x
4 Buy a Nvidia GPU (please recommend me a nvidia gpu)
Actually i don't prefer multi-gpu because they
1. They are not supported by all the games in the market
2. They don't double the V-RAM.

I will most probably buy them by the end of october.
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  1. Okay, I am running a GTX 680 and usually do run Nividia.Having said that, you have the AMD 7990 on your list. That card is a beast and you can't go wrong with it. :)
  2. wait until R9-290x hits the scene and see what price it will go for and decide then but 5 years is a long time considering the pace of GPU development in the last 3 years....
  3. Newegg screwed up and released the pricing on that thing ( the article popped up on my page a few minutes ago ). The reference card will be $729.99 if I remember right.
  4. That price was for the BF4 edition that actually comes with the game and season's pass
  5. The only other price I saw mentioned was $699.
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