Laptop hdd showing up as raw on usb to ide sata adapter

Hello, and thank you in advance to anyone who can enlighten me about this situation. I have a Hitachi laptop hd that I pulled out of a system and am trying to access it's directories for copying. I plugged it into my known good, startech usb 2.0 to ide sata adapter and my laptop at home (which has the same OS as the pulled drive. It shows up in explorer as needing formating and RAW. But when I switched to a different adapter at my work PC (again, the same OS) with the same drive I can access the directories no problem. I was wondering-- why the disparate results? I've never had an issue with my adapter before and am very curious.
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  1. The file system of your laptop has been corrupted, so not reading the ex HDD. You can try it on safe-mode, you may have success. Or, you have to do a repair install or clean install the OS on your laptop.

    First start the PC on safe-mode then attach the ex HDD.
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