My new MSI gtx 770 having problems, and during playing games, the monitor goes to sleep mode.


So I bought a new nzxt phantom 410 case, a new Corsair tx 750watt PSU and a new GPU, the msi gtx 770.
So far, I installed it properly, it replaced my oldddd card, the GT220, then uninstall the gt220's drivers in safe mode, placed the new card in, but after I placed it in, the computer told me
"ALERT! Previous attempts at booting this system have failed at [system fan] For help in resolving this problem, please note this checkpoint and contact dell tech support" and gives me the options to f1- resume f2- to setup, f2 leads me to the bios.

I have no idea what to do right now, because then I thought igoring it was going to help and went to play some games like bf3 and bf4. It stopped my game, and the monitor went to sleep mode.

After a few times doing it, I unistalled the drivers, and geforce exp to fix the problem, i did it twice already. Now it's showing me green dots, green lines, and pixels.

I spent 400 dollars on the card, I just wanted to play games :(

The computer is a Dell vostro 430a i bought from dell 2 years ago, and I moved the motherboard to the new case, I did some googling on the motherboard, the motherboard is called "054km3" and I'm not sure how to fix the problem, nor I want to waste more time calling their terrible Custom support.

I have some pictures on how they look like

the pixels :

The alert :

The bios :
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  1. Are you sure your power supply isn't overloading and overheating. If it came with a pre built computer, the likely hood is it probably had enough power to run what it was intended for, therefore not having enough power to run a monster GTX 770.
    Can you tell me how many watts you power supply is ?
  2. He said he bought a new PSU as well tormentor.

    "a new Corsair tx 750watt PSU"
  3. Ahh, I didn't see that part, sorry.
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    Sorry everyone, but I decided to go and replace the card with a EVGA gtx 770, and a whole new computer. So I'm not using the dell PC anymore. I found out that I was having a hardcore bottleneck, because my CPU was a i7 870, and 8gb ram at 1300 mhz. And the board they gave me was crappy.
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