Just physically put together my new gaming rig and i really need help!

I just got all the components to my new pc in the mail and have (expectantly) run into a problem. I successfully, well i think sucessfully installed everything. I went from scratch and i bought a new bigger case,new MSI Z87-G45 MOBO,i5 4570k haswell processor,4 gb G.Skill ripjaws ram that i know is compatible with my mobo, rosewill capstone 650 watt psu,EVGA GTX 660 SC video card and so on. I know its not compatibility issues because i researched and everything i bought all is compatible with each other and thats why i listed what my rig is so you can see its not hardware compatibility issues but software im having.

Ok so onto my problem, my new comp starts up and sends signal to my monitor but after displaying the msi screen it goes to starting windows but stops and flashes to a blue screen. The problem is the blue screen disappears so fast i cant literally read one word of what its saying. It does this in an endless loop.I can enter the bios and all that but i dont know what to do in the bios to fix the problem.

The only parts i reused from my old computer are the hard drive and the cd drive. The hard drive has win 7 on it. My question other than how to fix the problem i have is will that work, me just taking my old hard drive and plugging it into my new mobo and trying to boot my new computer. It seems like i should have to set something up to get the harddrive to work with the new mobo but i dont know what. Please if anyone can help me i would be so grateful for your assistance.

P.S. I am xXxGunXxXGraveXxX i just can get into my account because my password is stored on my old hard drive thats in my new computer that i cant get to work and im on another computer to post this.
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  1. A blue screen is usually a big problem. Try booting the PC without the HDD, that way it loads up the bios to make sure the problem isn't the HDD or windows. Once you try that, you'll have more info to work with.
  2. ok ill try that right now and let you know what happens
  3. I just booted with no hard drive and it displays this screen.

    EFI Shell version 2.31 {4.654}
    Current running mode 1.1.2
    Map: Cannot find required map name

    Press esc in 1 second to skip startup.nsh anyother key to continue

    Shell> _

    Thats word for word what is on my screen
  4. I don't know the best way to fix it but it will be due to the complete hardware change. Ive see this happen on windows 7 and windows xp systems ive done this to before. I think it is part of the windows protection against making copy's of the software by cloning a hard drive then putting into a new rig. The only why I know to fix it is to reinstall windows so I can work with the new system. If the hard drive has a recover part ion you will have to get a boot disk to access it to reinstall windows. mabe some one else knows how to get around that. I do know that safe mode will do the same thing if you were to try and boot it that way.
  5. first off if both the old and new mb were intel chipset...check on the old motherboard if the sata chipset was set to achi mode or ide. having the sata chipset in the wrong mode will bsod you. if the old mb was an amd chipset or windows is having issues with wrong drivers. you have to use f8 safe mode...go into system then device manager and remove all of the devices listed then reboot.
  6. The old and new mobo were both intel i think. The old mobo was lga 775 socket so thats intel right? What is achi mode or ide? How do i check that you mean put my old comp back together and look in the bios and somewhere in the bios it will say that right? It will take me 20 min to put my old pc back together as i put the new psu and gtx 660 in the old comp while i was waiting for the rest of my order so its all in pieces now.
  7. old 775 most of there sata ports were set to ide by delfalt. i would set the new mb sata ports to ide and see if the drive posts or you can get in with f8 safe mode.
  8. Im sorry if i should know this but i dont know how to set the new sata to ide. If its not too much trouble could you tell me how to do that.
  9. go into the main bios page on the left is a button that says settings. click on it under it should be line that says sata.
    it it says sat mode
    default achi
    click on it and set it so it says ide.
  10. I went into the bios and clicked settings. no line said sata but i clkicked on intergrated peripherals and it had a line that said sata. it was set to achi so i changed it to ide and i still get the same problem:( Any other ideas? I truly appreciate all the help so far.
  11. I went into the bios and clicked settings. no line said sata but i clicked on intergrated peripherals and it had a line that said sata. it was set to achi so i changed it to ide and i still get the same problem:( Any other ideas? I truly appreciate all the help so far.
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    on power up hit f8 to go into windows safe mode. if you can get into safe mode use the motherboard driver cd to install the newest chipset drivers.
  13. thanks to both of you for the suggestions. Smoorzio i had an idea when the ide did not work i noticed something called RAID so i clicked it and it booted up! My last question is what is raid mode and do you have any idea why that fixed it or if it is truly fixed? I havent tested it out it just got to windows and my desktop and i figured i would let you know what happened.
  14. without seeing your pc or the mb guild...all i can do is guest from here. i read your mb user guild that on the mb cd and read what the setting in the bios do.
  15. Ok i will do that. everything seems to work fine now i even refreshed the win 7 rating and everything aside from my hard drive is a 7.7 or higher:) To me that seems to say everything installed correctly and is working. I just fired up bf3 and played on high settings with no problems at all so ya ill read the manual now and make sure raid mode doesn't mean something like "only use for 10 min or your pc wil blow up"XD. Thanks for all the help, if you would not have walked me through how to get to the achi and all of that i would have never seen that raid mode was with those choices and still be stuck! It really means a lot and every time i think back to when i built my first pc ill remember the great help you and everyone else offered me:)
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