After Bios update, cpu won't boot!!

MSI Z77MA-G45 board
2x4 1600mhz corsair vengeance
sapphire radeon 7870 ghz edition
barracuda 7200rpm 500gb HD
xfx 550w pro psu

Built my first pc and finished it up yesterday, booted up fine, installed windows 7 and drivers that came with the hardware all fine, everything was working good up until i installed msi auto updates and updated the bios, cpu restarted and i have no video, cant get into the bios, and the computer is in a constant restart cycle.

disconnected psu, held power button on front of case and then removed battery from mobo, after trying to start up again after removing battery, the system gave me 3 beeps and kept restarting, still no bios or video, I removed and reinstalled gpu and ram, connections seem to be fine, but i cant see them being the culprit because it was all going well before the bios update, any ideas?
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    the windows cmos bios updater bricked your motherboard. you have a few send the mb back for msi for a new cmos bios chip and pull the old one and replace it. the last is a 50/50 chance that it might work. put the mb driver cd in the cd-rom drive and on a usb stick put the newest unzip bios file and put the usb stick in a usb 2.0 port in the back. turn the pc on if the bios still working it might take 10 min it might be able to recover itself. find out the bios chip that was uses (award) or another each bios chip vendor has a way to force a bios flash if the mb is alive.
  2. Assuming you have tried the basics of resetting the bios etc. its possible that the bios is now set up to use igpu only so try unplugging the gpu and connecting to the mobo dvi ports.
    If you look through your manual you might be able to force it to install a fresh bios image by inserting a specially formatted usb stick into a certain usb port.
    else as above you may be bricked.
  3. will the mobo dvi port give me video on my monitor? i know the 3350p has no onboard graphics, bios display maybe controlled by motherboard? still kind of new to this stuff. but its going to be very frustrating if i spent all that time to have my cpu up and running perfectly to get it killed by an update that i assumed was standard after a new build, why would a bios update from the manufacturer brick the mobo, i assumed it was what i was supposed to do after building the system
  4. there only two safe ways to update a cmos on a motherboard. the first is a dos boot disk with the correct bios flasher. the second and safest way is inside the mb bios itself using the mb bios updater to read the bios file from a usb stick. asus took this step one step further and there newer mb use a usb flashback tool it an auto update built into the mb where you dont need a cpu or ram. just standby power. the mb would have to be dead...dead not to be able to recover the asus mb. the windows bios flasher you have windows and other programs running in the back ground..all it takes is the anti virus program to stop the bios flasher from running....your mb is bricked on reboot.
  5. ughh, well, which file(s) off the mobo cd do i need to put on a usb drive, there are quite a few relating to bios and im not sure which are needed to try that option
  6. if you have a cd-rom drive just put the disk in the bios will read it. for the usb stick use the newest .rom file for your usb stick.
  7. and no you won't get video as its a p series.
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