i got a new graphics card and when i booted my pc windows wont load

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windows vista
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  1. You need to give us more information about the problem. What happens when you turn your PC on?
  2. ok so i turn it on then go start sytem normally then it shuts down and boots again when it boots again black screen and nothing happens?
  3. So does it show the desktop and shut down? Are you able to do CTRL ALT DEL or enter BIOS?
  4. can access bios but it dosnt even get to log on. where the screen saying starting windows would be its just black and no activity on the computer?
  5. Hmm, do you have the same problem when you take the graphics card out?
  6. list ........ ALL ..........hardware.............. then let us know what power supply you have.
  7. geforce 6600 128 mb
    power suply enermax eg365p-ve its old
    and its the same with out the graphics card in
  8. so before this you were using on board video?............. you may need to enber the BIOS and force the machine to see the card.
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