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Ok, well I recently bought a Benq xl2420tx 120hz refresh. I have my custom display of 32bit 120hz, but for whatever reason when I log into games... ie. Star Wars The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2 it only gives me the option of choosing 100hz top..... why?

I have 2 sli evga geforce gtx 670 sc.
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    Probably because they don't support 120Hz. Let's face it, online games want to be playable to a maximum number of users worldwide and the standard to this day is still 60Hz. It will probably remain the standard for years to come because the difference in performance doesn't justify the difference in price... yet.
  2. Ok, thanks.
  3. My pleasure. Thank you! :D
  4. The vast majority of games should support any resolution, you can make random ones like 4200x2363 66Hz and games recognize it provided it knows your monitor supports it. If it works in most games and not others its probably just the game being awkward, but if you cant find it in any games download this and check that 1080p 120Hz is in the list of resolutions your monitor 'supports'.

    Nvidia can be messy with resolutions sometimes, it will allow you to use them in the desktop but wont appear in games.
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