What full sized computer cases will fit my computer?

I have a I bought a What cooomputer case and PSU should I get for around 100 dollars for both of them? Oh and on the computer case the audio and usb ports and stuff has to fit. Some one please reply quickly
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    I recommend Cooler Master cases, such as HAF series
    and any good branded certified 500W PSU, and you will be fine
  2. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    You might actually have enough room for the 7750 in the stock case. It is a pretty short card. There is a pic of the interior of your case on this page, select the last pic:

    There are two wires that look like they are in the way and the RAM is pretty close but it looks like you have enough room for the card you want.
    EDIT: those two wires appear to be zip-tied. If you simply cut the zip-tie they should have enough slack to clear a GPU. And even if you get a new case, it won't change the location of the RAM. I suggest you measure the space you have before buying the GPU.

    As for the PSU, your PC has a 220w ( so it will definitely need to be uprgaded. A 430w CX430 should be enough: it is currently $25 on newegg after a rebate.

    Ik my graphics card is too big. Its not the wires getting in the way.
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