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Hi I'm currently using my families internet which is partnered with ISP aanet. Currently, the router we use is not working for me, as whenever I try to play online games, I am kicked after a few minutes no matter which console/pc I use.

On the other hand, my internet works fine for anything other than gaming (ie. youtube, email, google). Because my dad doesn't like fixing anything that is in no need of fixing for him (he needs the internet for his work), I am unable to convince him to replace the router. He has the mindset that if it works for him, he doesn't need to do anything about it.

I have already researched about installing a whole new phone line and paying for my own internet, however I have found that it is way too expensive for me at the moment.

Would it be possible for me to install a new router on the same phone line, and use the same internet? If so what would be the approximate price of this installation?
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    So, it sounds like you are using aDSL if I had to guess and are having trouble staying connected to online games. In answer to your main question: no you cannot have to aDSL modems on one phone line as the service is generally tied to the line not the modem. Without knowing more this kind of question is pretty impossible to answer. It connects, so chances are the configurations are correct. What is your connection speed? Is there perhaps a line quality issue in play (I have seen connections fast enough for games crippled by line quality not being up to snuff)? So answer those and also tell us more about the set up: What is the modem in use? Router? (or perhaps router/modem hybrid?) things like that. Also for the speed and line quality try these sites and let us know: (note that I am directing you to the tool, don't care about the company, also couldn't find the one I normally use, been a while since I used it) and will let us know the speed.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. I'm using the Netgear D6300 router/modem hybrid. Currently I have an internet speed ranging between 2.5 and 8mbps. When I did the line quality test, it said that I lost 100% of my packets. I am using wireless currently. Also, for future reference please don't mention anything to do with port fowarding or dmzing as I have spent countless hours trying to work around the problem to no avail. Not saying you have already (which you haven't), just saying to not include port fowarding and such.

    Do you think this would have something to do with the router? When we received the new internet at the start of this year I had no problems regarding online games. so I know it has nothing to do with the line. When we changed routers however, I started received connection problems right from the start. I know it is not associated with individual devices, as connecting my consoles through wired did not give any resolution. Please reply.
  3. So I think that line quality test is a scam to try and get you to switch to them, because there is no way you lost 100% of your packets, if you did you couldn't even connect. Port Forwarding would have nothing to do with this: if you needed it you wouldn't be able to connect to the game at all. DMZs also isn't needed.
    If it is a new router, and all problems started when it was set up, maybe you have a dud? Perhaps there is a defect in it somewhere (either physically on the board, or in the software). Frankly I do not like netgear, in my experience they suck. But with it being hybrid and I imagine supplied by your ISP you are kind of locked in (unless you want to buy one on your own and are comfortable setting it (this can vary by ISP)). Also, I cannot rule out line problems, as things can change. Your line may be the same one, but there are many things that can happen, or something could have changed on the other side of the d-mark.

    That being said I want you to run one more test, this one I know works, I have used it many times. Also, make sure you allow java first, otherwise it will not work (I get a pop up asking) (also, the packet loss may not work unless you configure your router/firewall to allow port 5060) Also, make sure you select a server near where your game is hosted, this info may be able to explain what is going on.
  4. Yeah, it definitely seems like a router issue. Without knowing its current configuration though, I am going to go out on a limb and say there is some manufacturing defect in the router, as it is connecting with the game and then dropping. This could be software related, so I would try updating the firmware first thing. If it were a config error in the router, the game would not connect at all. I am a big fan of using the same equipment that the company supplies when it comes to the modem/router hybrid for 2 reasons: it will work correctly with their setup, usually out of the box, and also their customer support team can help with any problems that may arise. So anyway, check your firmware and see if it needs an update, if so run an update and see what happens.
  5. Hi,

    Most likely this is NAT. You probably need to find out which ports to open and configure this on the router. Just google the game name, followed by the words "open ports" and you will find what ranges need to be unblocked.

    If you want to confirm it, then when you get dc'd in your game, just open up a web page and see if it's still working.

    Nat is easy to configure, if you get stuck, post a print screen of your nat page off your router on here and I'll tell you how to do it.
  6. My router is the latest firmware available. I don't think it is software related, however I had recently read about hard resetting, and I'm wondering if that would be a sensible choice.

    Also in reply yo sg4rb0, I have configured nat, dmzed my various consoles and have configured ports for every single game/service on multiple occasions and no nothing has changed.
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