New game to buy for new pc?

I am looking for a good game with great gameplay/story or both. I am OK with $60 games but only if it is truly worth the price. I heard the Batman games are great.

I am interested in RPG Adventure games like Skyrim with an amazing story or equal gameplay. I won't get a game with bad graphics as my new computer can run anything HD. NO CLICK TO ATTACK! They are the bane of my existence.
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  1. So your asking about just about any AAA title.

    What are you interested in?
    - Shooters (BF4, NS2, Bioshock, Far Cry and Crysis)
    - Point and click adventures (Anything made by Telltale games, The Walking Dead being the best)
    - Puzzle games (Portal)
    - RPG (Dishonored, Fallout and Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, The Witcher).
    - Strategy (Civilization and Total War)
    - Horror (Amnesia)
    - MOBA (Massively Online Battle Arena, stuff like DOTA2 and LoL)
    - Great story (Bioshock 1 and Infinite)
    - Indie (FEZ, Limbo, Braid, Bastion)
  2. In my personal opinion I would go on steam and get the Half Life Series, as that is a very good collection of games. Although old, Half Life, is without doubt one of the best game series that exist, in my opinion. I believe you can get the collection for something like $10-20, although I'm not too sure.
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    I'm still playing Borderlands 2, freaking love that game, and if you've never played it, check out the Mass Effect series, amazing story and gameplay. Strategy titles that are good right now, XCOM has countless hours of fun, as well as Civ5. If you haven't played the Fallout games those are really good. And yes, the Batman games are great, I played Arkham Asylum on consoles and loved it, picked up the second one during a Steam sale and haven't played it yet, but several of my friends say it is one of their favorites :-)
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