how to make money with only just sitting in front of pc??

need to find money to buy pc component.
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  1. get an education in software design or system administration
  2. Go get a job? Or a second job...
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    you cant. you have to get a job. all those bullshit, "make money just on your computer" ads, arent real. you likely need to have a college degree to find a serious job online. so get out there, and sweat your ass off like the rest of us. good luck, take it easy (but not too easy).
  4. Audio transcribing. It's not a well paying field, and I imagine it will be dying out soon. But you can find many microjobs willing to pay upwards of 6+ per hours of audio transcribed for newcomers. You can easily make more, but you get what you put in to it. It's not really difficult, but it's time consuming. And generally not going to replace your income unless you, like mentioned before, get a job doing this.

    But it's a pretty simple way to make some extra money.
  5. be a medical drugs testee, though u might end up with an ear on your chest
  6. buy and sell on ebay like I do just have to be good at it. I make $30000 a month 5000 profit.
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