Will an Asus GTX 670 fit in my Dell Precision T5500 case?

Hi guys. Just got this workstation from my dad. Tried to fit in my old GTX 580 classified in it, but the power cords made it so it wouldnt shut. I'm thinking of selling it and getting a GTX 670 from Asus. will it fit? Thanks!
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  2. I am thinking that because the power connectors for the 670 are "sunken in" that they might be fine?
  3. scubasteve8542 said:

    these are the dimensions of the mini 670. ...6.7 " x 4.8 " x 1.6 ".... any other dimensions you need can be found on search the card you want, click it, and then click on "details" on the page and the size will be listed with the other specs.
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