Cleared CMOS.. Now have black screen

Hi guys.. I was trying to install an SSD when I ran into the issue That i couldnt enter bios.
The screen telling me what buttons to press at startup just wouldn't accept my button pushing. Weird ticking noises came from my computer whenever I hit F12 or any button.

I read that a good way to fix bios issue is just to clear CMOS.
I did so with the jumper and it did not even turn on (which I heard means it was done correctly).

Now I have the issue after the start up screen it's just a black screen.
So far I've tried removing the ram and mixing it up. Nothing.
Removing CMOS battery and putting it back I'm. Nothing.

I'm tempted to bring it to a store but I'm really keen to learn. Whenever I try and do something to my computer I near brick it!
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  1. pull the ssd. what happens?
  2. Oh right. I pulled the SSD ages back. Both my old HD and SSD is same problem.
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    so, when you reset the cmos, you did put the jumper back on the original pins?........ ( pins it was originally on ) you didn't leave it jumped.
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