Does water cooling cool everything in case and gpu?

well i was thinking to buy this case :
and there is liquid cooling ready and so i have two more question :
1:Is it recommended to use water cooling on mid to high end gaming rig
2.Does it need another fan with that supports water cooling
3.Finnaly is it cool everything in case eg Gpu,Psu,Cpu and full case
my rig:
Case:Thermaltake Chasser MK-1
Cpu:Intel core i3 3220
Gpu:Asus radeon hd 7790 direct cu ii
Ram:Corsair 4gb 1333mhz
Psu:Corsair Cx 430watt
motherboad:Asrock Z75 pro3
so plz help me im such a trouble....
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  1. If you're asking this question then you're new to water cooling. Read up on it online, but as a first timer I'd recommend getting a closed-loop cooler such as a Corsair H60 or Cooler Master Seidon 120, both of which cool the CPU only. With the setup you're running I don't see a need for liquid cooling unless you plan on overclocking and even then you could probably get away with a good air cooler.
  2. 1.yes im new to water cooling
    2.well read but i dont get solid answer
    3.but why air cooling can my rig better with air cooling
    but will my rig have low temperature when i play games like crysis 2 or 3 unless i do overclocking because my asus radeon hd 7790 direct cu ii is oc'd but have direct cu ii cooling and i was thats why i asked this question
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    If you were to add a custom water cooler you could cool your CPU, GPU, RAM, etc., but unless you're doing some major overclocking and pushing every component to the extreme the extra cost and technical difficulty associated with liquid cooling would be pointless. For your needs I would say that air cooling is sufficient in the case, especially in regard to the GPU. It's already got fans so it should be good to go, even if you overclock it a bit. The CPU is probably fine with air cooling as well. I went with a closed-loop liquid cooler because it was actually cheaper than most of the decent air coolers such as the Hyper 212.

    Bottom line is that as long as you have good cable management in your PC so the wires don't impede airflow and you place fans in the correct configuration your PC should be fine, even running more resource-intensive games. I've included a link that helps detail air flow if you are not familiar with it, the only thing I disagree with on the website's diagram is that they show the PSU intake vent sucking warm air from inside the case and expelling it out the back. In most cases, there is an air vent at the bottom of the case so the PSU can take cooler air from outside and then expel it out the back. As long as your case is not on carpet or something blocking that air vent, this would be a more ideal airflow. Otherwise, the rest of the diagram is correct.
  4. well at I3 i dont think you need a watercooling air cooling will be enough even if you are overclocking
  5. 1. Not really, if you look at it objectively, custom water-cooling is very rarely needed. Its more of a "I want it" kind of thing.
    2. Dont understand the question.
    3. Depends on what you include in the loop. Custom water-cooling is very flexible, you can even water-cool SSD's if you feel like wasting your money.

    Also, "liquid cooling ready" means nothing. Water-cooling doesn't require anything of a case to be needed other than sufficient space (which isnt an issue, people have fit beastly water-cooling in something the size of a Prodigy) and has fan mounts (even generic HP/Dell cases have at least a 120mm mount).
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