Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Review - The low budget CPU Cooling King ?

Hello Friends ,
This is my review on one of the most popular heat sinks , the Hyper 212 EVO by Cooler Master.
So lets go -

Packaging -

The outer packaging by CM looked good and wasn't really cheap. Lets open and see whats inside -

Ah , the heatsink with the fan.

The part of the installation stuff including the backplate.

The rest of the installation stuff including the retention plate.

The retention plate , as you can see seems interesting. It has some adjustable screws with springs. Screws can be adjusted for specific sockets. Users can check out the manual for how to do so and where to adjust them for thier sockets.

CM seems to have provided mounting hardware for the LGA 775 , 1150 , 1155 , 1156 , 1366 and 2011 sockets for Intel and the AM2 , AM3 , AM3+ , FM1 and FM2 sockets for AMD. Also a nice and handy instruction manual along with some TIM by CM is provided. Fan brackets for dual fan setup are also provided.

Design -
The heatsink from all the sides -

The heat sink looks pretty good and seems promising to me.
Heres the claimed Continous Direct Contact base plate -

The pipes are in U and C style as you can see in the pics above. IMO this design is far more better than the standard Direct contact style. Here's why -

The IHS isn't fully covered by the copper pipes in DC bases causing some heat to go on the aluminium base and the other on the pipe which causes unequal heat distubution. But CDC has only copper pipes in its base making the heat absorption level equal everywhere and thus cooling the IHS and CPU completely.

Installation -
Unfortunaely I couldn't provide photos for installation. You may prefer youtube or the manual on for how to do so.

Test System -

Intel i5 3570k ( Tested at 3.6GHz Turbo Boost and 4.2GHz OCed Turbo Boost )
CM Hyper 212 EVO with stock fan and TIM & Intel Stock Cooler with stock fan and TIM
ASRock Z77 Extreme3
Corsair XMS3 1333MHz ( XMPed to 1600MHz ) C11 1.5v
CM HAF XB ( Dual Stock Front Fans , Rear BitFenix Spectre @ 1800RPM )
SeaSonic S12II 620W
WD Cavair Blue 500GB AAKX
LG GH24NS95 OEM DVD Writer
Windows 7 Ultimate x64bit

Software used -
BIOS for Speed Management and OCing
CPU-Z v1.66.1x64 for validation and knowing frequencies
PerfMonitor 2 v2.02 for temps and load
Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor v2.6 for knowing Turbo Boost max values and frequencies

Temps -

Average Idle Temps - Fan RPM - Max
Intel Stock Solution - 50'C
CM 212 EVO - 38.3'C

Maximum Idle Temps - Fan RPM - Max
Intel Stock Solution - 54'C
CM 212 EVO - 40'C

Average Full Load - 3.6GHz ( Turbo Boost )
Intel Stock Solution - 86'C
CM 212 EVO - 56'C

Maximum Full Load - 3.6GHz - Fan RPM - Max
Intel Stock Solution - 90'C
CM 212 EVO - 60'C

Now thanks to the Extreme3's preloaded OC profiles , I didn't have to mess around with settings of the CPU. Fo me , the 4.2 GHz profile did well even in full load , although 4.4 GHz gave a Blue Screen in just 1 min , so its not wise enough to mention temps for the 4.4GHz specs. Hence I am giving temps only for 4.2GHz.
4.2GHz also had a Blue Screen after 10mins , which IMO is enough to guess the capabilities of this Cooler. My settings were -
Multiplier - 42
BCLK - 100
VCore - 1.288Volts
SpeedStep - On
Style - Turbo

Everything else can be seen here -

Temps - Here it is

OCed 4.2GHz Full Load Temps - Fan RPM - Max
CM 212 EVO - 66'C

The Idle temps could not be said , since our OC was a OC to the Turbo Boost and not a OC to base frequency. Still the temps were 43'C at 1.6GHz if that matters to anyone.
I think temps couldhave been lower for max frequency if we would have reduced the VCore. I might do it next time when I have an idea of what I am doing.
Intel Stock Solution was not just comming here :)

Now basically its Conclusion time.
CM's 212 EVO is a great cooler for the average gamer , theres no doubt about it. It can serve just as well for mild OCers , hoping a 4.2-4.4GH too as well as for those who are putting their PC for something 24/7 like F@H. Since my 3570k ran 80-90 for 16-18 Hrs a day , I had pity on it. While the max temps are 102'C , It reduces life of the CPU by a huge margin.
The 212 EVO is a great option for such users who have a quite low budget but are looking for something that can keep the CPU cool. Its a great heatsink , and the fan is barely audible for me in my case.
I would give it -
Looks , Size , Weight and Power - 10/10
Performance - 20/20
Noise - 10/10
Packaging and Manual - 5/5
Installation Ease - 5/5

Total - 50/50

Yes , its true. The 212 EVO looks great , performs great and is a VFM CPU Cooler. Its the BITW in the range and gets my pick and a place in my Delta Squad.

Thats it for this review.
I appologise for no noise values , installation photos. I will make sure I can get em next time.

By CommentariesAndMore.
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  1. great review!!!!
  2. Northern Island said:
    great review!!!!

    Thanks mate. I am working on a couple of more reviews on the ASRock Z77 Extreme3 and Gigabyte B75M-D3H. I hope you like them too.
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