Laptop with Windows XP: Double Beep at Start-up + Explore.exe error

Hi all,

I brought my old laptop from the attic downstairs because I needed some old files that are on that laptop.

Now when starting up, I get a short double beep (still being in DOS), and then it gives me the option to continue (F2) or do something else (F10). I chose to continue. Now when I got in Windows XP it gave me this 'Explorer.exe Application Error'. All I could choose was 'Ok'. It furthermore says: 'Cannot initialise the application (0xc0000006). Click Ok to end the application'.

I have to click two of the same errors away. Also manually starting up Explorer.exe through 'New task' (Ctrl+alt+delete) gives the exact same error.

Also, the laptop is very, very slow when in Windows XP. I tried checking the tabs of the Taskmanager and it takes seconds to load and when I tried to browse for an application/folder through the Taskmanager's 'New task' it took a couple of minutes to get in a folder.

Maybe this is a memory problem. What can I do to get explorer.exe to work again? There are no desktop items or a taskbar.

Update: In safe mode it also gives me the same double explorer.exe error.
Update #2: Choosing automatic 'last point' recovery in DOS also doesn't help. Neither does running chkdsk /r.

Thanks. Rudolf.
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  1. The bios error you get in the start is probably due to a dead CMOS battery due to the age.

    If you just need to get the files from the laptop, you can get an external drive enclosure and read it using that. You may need an ATA enclosure instead of a SATA one, check what type of disk the system has.

    To get the laptop running, looks like you will need an XP disk to run at least a Repair setup of Windows.
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