Problem with Sapphire 6570 1 GB GDDR3 - monitor will not wake up from hibernation on Windows 7

I have recently purchased a new video card - the Radeon 6570 made by Sapphire. It seems that when my system goes to sleep, the monitor will not wake up. I have to actually power-off the PC, then tell Windows to start normally and everything is fine after that.

I did not have this problem with my old video card (Geforce 6600 GT) and I made sure that I had the latest drivers for my new one as well as software updates for the operating system. The device manager states the drivers are dated from March, 2013.

The only time it will wake from hibernation is if I put it to sleep manually (i.e. Start ->Shutdown-->Sleep).

I would appreciate any suggestions that I could try to resolve this problem.
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    did enable the display adapter to wake after sleep? Maybe you answered that in the OP, apologies if so.
  2. hayden1 said:
    did enable the display adapter to wake after sleep? Maybe you answered that in the OP, apologies if so.

    Thanks for your reply. When you say display adapter, do you mean the video card or the monitor? In the case of the video card, when I go into power management settings in the AMD Vision Engine Control Center, it reflects what I have already set in the "Power Options" on the Windows Control Panel - in this case to go to sleep in one hour of no activity. For the monitor, I never had to turn this on before, but I tried by setting the Power Saver & Power On Recall to save, but it didn't work.

    I apologize for not making this clear in my post above, but the computer itself wakes up fine. I also tried turning off the monitor and turning it back on, too. The monitor states that it's scanning for a VGA connection (using the 15-pin D-Sub connector as I don't have a compatible DVI cable that will fit on the video card) , but it says "No Signal."

    ****UPDATE - 10-14-2013****

    Well it seems I spoke too soon. Apparently when I changed the power settings on my monitor it goes to sleep and wakes up when I use the keyboard or mouse. I don't know why it didn't before, nor why my video card won't wake up when using only the power settings via the Windows Control Panel. Problem solved for now.
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