Eyefinity three monitors way only hdmi inputs?

A guy has sapphire 7970 3GB oc boost and wants to use Eyefinity with three monitors.He has three monitors than only have hdmi and no Dvi(Samsung UE32F6100AW).
Will he be able to use eyefinity the with
1xDvi to hdmi
1xhdmi to hdmi
and one active displayport to hdmi???
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  1. yeah, that should work.
  2. Agreed.
  3. Thanks i will let you know if that works!
  4. That's a tremendous amount of screen surface area for Eyefinity. 3x32" will be really nice, I have 3x23" and love it. Racing and flying games will be awesome, you'll also feel very immersed in FPS. Enjoy and your proposed config should work perfectly.
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