How can you tell if you CPU went bad, if you Motherboard went bad, or both went bad?

How can you tell if you CPU went bad, if you Motherboard went bad, or both went bad? I am pretty sure my Motherboard went bad but I do not know how to test if it was my CPU, Mother Board, or Both that went bad. I was watch a TV show online when my computer just died, the indicator light on the front of the computer started blinking purple. I tested the Power Supply with a multi-meter and everything looks good. I tested all the case fans and CPU cooling fans and they all worked. I reconnected the 24pin power connector to the mobo and everything seemed to start up just fine. The status LED’s; 2, 3, and 4 light up blue showing that everything was good there. I shut everything down and hooked up the 8 pin cpu connector to the mobo and turned everything on again and the case fans started to move like they wanted to run but instantly dies with less than 1/8 of a rotation. The IC ship right by the indicator lights looks like it may have been burned out. The black casing has a large white spot on it where it looks like it burned up. I do not have a space Processor or Mobo to test the CPU. I do not want to buy a new MOBO and have the CPU also be bad or the CPU to be bad and cause another MOBO to burn out. The MOBO I have is a MSI 970A-G46 with a AMD FX8350 Processor. If anyone knows a way to test the processor and MOBO without having a spare of the other please let me know.
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  1. You can get yourself a POST card - something like this:
    this will show you exactly where your boot process stops (displaying a 2 digit code which you can look up - eg ram bank 1 initialization).
    They are not too expensive and alsways good for debugging - not sure whther that particular one is any good though, just the first hit on NewEgg.
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