How to re-enable the integrated graphics?

I have an HD 5830 graphics card and the thing is, that the monitor goes to power saving mode and can't be woken up for example when going into BIOS or when restarting the PC. So in order to find out if the gfx card is the issue, I want to re-enable the IGP, connect the monitor to it and find out if the issue persists.
So, how can I re-enable the IGP?
By the way, I have done some googling and read, that I should try to re-enable the IGP in BIOS. However, the monitor goes into power saving mode when I'm in the BIOS, as I said. So is there another way?

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  1. ComputerGeekPro2000 said:

    As soon as you power on your computer, when the dell/hp/acer/etc screen shows up (usually black), spam press F2. (it may be F1.. look in the top right corner, it may say Press Fx for setup)

    each bios is different, but you can use your arrow keys on the keyboard to look for the menu. Sorry I cant help from there. Each is different. It will probably say something about onboard graphics or embedded graphics. Usually you just scroll to it, look at the bottom for controls (like maybe space or enter to get that menu) and enable it, then exit and save.

    Dont change anything else in there.

    Jesus Christ, did you even read my post? And you copied the answer anyway
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