Will I need to reinstall Windows 7 after replacing motherboard and PSU

I want to replace my mother board that came with my pc to a proper ATX. The chipsets are different and so I thought that windows 7 wouldn't like it.

Also, if I did need to reinstall, would I need a disc or could I just purchase a new product key. If I then needed to buy a disc, could I just buy an upgrade version or would I need an OEM/retail?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Yes you will. When you replace the system board Windows will tell you that your no long activated also it's best to remove the drivers related to the previous board to keep from having other unknown issues.
  2. Can just get another oem disk. Replacing mobo invalidates the license in most cases. Definitely for a prebuilt pc.
  3. I have an external hard drive so should I back up everything but windows to that, then wipe my hard drive and re-install windows onto it and then transfer all my data back onto it or am I over complicating things?
    Or could I even create a different partition on my hard drive where I put all my files instead of the external hard drive?
  4. How do you want to create a new parition on your system HDD with the files on it, without formatting it? I mean, it´s possible with certain software, but i don´t recommend that.
    Better, back your important files up to an external drive and re-install windows.
  5. Is there any way in which I can save my programs when re-installing windows so I don't have to reinstall them?
  6. Yes you can... When you reinstall windows just make sure you choose Keep Windows settings, personal files, and apps. This will allow you to install windows and all your settings will be migrated over but i believe you will end up with the windows.old file that you will have to delete later.
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