Dell Studio XPS 8300 3 beeps on startup

A few days ago my computer didn't turn on. It did 3 short beeps. Some said it might be dust inside, some said motherboard failure, some said ram failure.. So I opened up the tower (had no idea what I was doing).. just blew inside and removed a bit of the dust.. closed it up and it started working.. Today, same problem but blowing inside didn't work. I removed one of the 4 ram card things and put it back and now it's working... BUT FOR HOW LONG??

It also randomly freezes every day. Today after having to cold shut down it because of that, the 3 beeps started.

What is this problem and how do I get rid of it! Please keep it simple if possible :)
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    1. Unplug your pc from the wall.
    2. Press start to discharge capacitors.
    3. Remove side cover.
    4. Use hair dryer on cool setting to blow out dust bunnies - do not touch dryer to pc unless you are physically holding on to the case with your free hand.
    5. Remove all ram sticks (hold on to case with free hand) and repeat hair dryer.
    6. Reinstall all ram.
    7. Reboot (before putting on side cover) and check operation.
    8. If satisfactory, shut down, unplug, press start to discharge, reinstall side cover, reboot.

    If that doesn't work, let us know.

  2. Okay done.
    Hopefully I won't have to post in this thread again.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks
  3. No problem. Please mark the thread closed, and if problems re-appear, start a new post and we'll chase it down.

  4. Close sesame!
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