Router with good wirless??

I have went through a few Linksys routers (the thin ones) & the wireless has went out one both a few months from purchase date. Netgears done this also, so just wondering what is a great brand with a good $? Just gaming & surfing really so no special needs. Their is a nettalk hooked up to a wifi to Ethernet adapter maybe 50ish feet from this room downstairs.
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    50 feet can be a long distance for wireless depending on the building materials and interference sources. Your routers should last for at least a few years minimum unless they are tightly enclosed and run hot always.

    One of the best N wireless routers (ASUS RT-N56U) is on sale HERE.
  2. Is there a page that compares brands?
  3. One of the better sites for comparing routers is HERE.
  4. So I am having bad luck with Linksys then, seems the reviews say they are ok. Just seems odd the wireless went out on 2 with in months of purchase.
  5. Have you thought about the Medialink Wireless N Router. Great Little router for a bargain price. Might just do the trick for you. Hope this helps! :)
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