NEW BUILD: New PC Build - Looking for Help please!

Hi Everybody.

I have been following the forum for a long time and would like to thank you all for your advice already and wonder if i can call upon your expertise once more.

I have just finished researching parts for my new PC, Can you take a look and let me know..

A) If i have overlooked something technical? Is everything compatible/Optimized etc.
B) Any improvements?
C) Is 'Now' The best time to make a high-end PC.

I am a professional working in the games industry, so i need high-performance when Level Editing using UDK/CE3
I am also a big gamer, and like to play the latest games on high. I also want this comp to be future proof

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  1. Nice. I'd change the case from the 750D to the air 540 but that's just my opinion.
  2. Thanks for the reply FlyingHelmet... but the 540D is Ugly haha:)
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