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Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my Radeon 7870 to a GTX 780. I've noticed that the GTX 780 requires at LEAST a 600w power supply. My current power supply is the Corsair CX600 (link below), and I'm wondering if I could run it without cutting too close to the power limit. I don't want my system crashing.

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  1. Will do it easy, I've been running a 780 since launch on 520w.
  2. I change my mind. I guess this will be a fine psu.
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    that would be more then enough, companies overrate the power usage by quite alot, because there are some sh!tty psu's out there that dont supply what they should.
    iam using an overclocked 780 with a 620w psu myself.
  4. thats a really good PSU,I think you will be fine, but it depends on global configuration too,and overclocking activities
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