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Hey all,

This is purely a question to test the ingenuity of the Tom's universe. I have two flash drives plugged into the back of my tower (USB 2.0, one is 16 GB, the other 2 GB, both currently formatted to exFAT). Windows will not allow me to use readyboost for them and they will stay permanently plugged into my tower. What are some creative uses for these drives? Im thinking about spanning them together just for kicks but besides that what should I do? :)

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    Small file backup maybe?

    Make one of them contain the boot loader(then remove the boot loader from your system or make its partition not active) so no one can use(well boot it, if its loaded all bets are off) the computer if you remove it :)

    Replace the Windows DVD with a flash drive so if you have to install Windows on any system you just need the flash drive and not the DVD(more and more systems are shipping without optical drives)

    Bootable Linux distro for fun?
  2. If you reformat them to FAT32 then you should be able to use readyboost.
  3. 16 gigabytes of memory and ssd storage. I do not even thing ready boost will end up helping :)
  4. I love the boot loader idea. And its not the flash drive that readyboost was in conflict with; Windows analyzed my system apparently and said that readyboost wouldnt affect the system at all so it disabled the option.
  5. You can use something like EasyBCD community edition to put the boot loader on a flash drive and then open and set it up.

    I am not sure if you can boot an exfat drive, may have to be fat32

    Now once you are 100% sure it is working you can either make your system reserved partition(if that is how you are booting) inactive or even remove it.

    I did try a flash drive boot loader and it did work fine(just for some testing)

    Please note that moving the partition on c:(lets say to the start of the drive) will break the boot loader. so it is not worth trying to recover that 100megabytes or so of space that the system reserved was in.
  6. Not worried about that 100 Mb... 480 gb SSD OS drive, two 1 TB HDDs and 1 330 GB HDD. haha :)
  7. Not worried about that 100 Mb... 480 gb SSD OS drive, two 1 TB HDDs and 1 330 GB HDD. haha :)
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