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So, I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 on an SSD. I made sure no other drives were connected during install, install completed fine and I rebooted the computer several times Just to make sure everything was good. Did all the updates and what not. Now when I reconnect my data drives I get a disk boot failure. I made sure the ssd was first in boot priority in BIOS, I made sure it was the active drive using DISKPART, I checked the cables, I checked to make sure everything was in AHCI mode. Checked everything. But as soon as I connect the other hard drives I get a Disk boot failure. If I disconnect them it boots into windows fine and I can even reconnect them while windows is on and they show up and everything works, but as soon as I restart the computer with them connnected I get a Disk Boot Failure. I would hate to have to constantly disconnect and reconnect hard drives everytime I wanted to use my computer. Is there something I am missing? I've checked all over for a solution and it seems my particular issue is unique. Please help!
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  1. *EDIT* Forget about this post. I missed the part about the boot order.
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    Try plugging the HDD's into different SATA headers.
  3. I tried that and it worked! I have 4 different drives and I just switched around all their cables and it seems to have fixed it. Thanks! I'll update if it happens again
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