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Hey all, long time reader and first time poster at tom's hardware.

I just built my first system, and I'm having an intermittent issue with bluetooth on my Z87-Pro. I'm running Windows 8 and have installed the latest qualcomm atheros bluetooth drivers for my motherboard from Asus's website. The problem is the bluetooth fails to work seemingly at random after a system reboot. When it works, it will work until my system reboots or goes into power saver mode. When it doesn't work, there will be no bluetooth icon in the system tray and obviously no functionality.

On asus's drivers website, they have a drop down for "wireless" and another for "bluetooth". Under wireless there are two drivers, one for just wifi, and one for wifi and bluetooth. and these are marked version 10.etc. Under bluetooth, there is a driver for just bluetooth, and another for wifi and bluetooth, and these are marked version 7.etc. Naturally I'm inclined to think that the version 10.etc are later versions, however it also shows that both 10.etc and 7.etc were updated in July of this year.

So I've tried installing a number of these drivers, all of them take an abnormally long amount of time, and some of them seem to not finish at all., and my bluetooth goes on being half functional.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Hi,

    I assume you are running the latest UEFI version as well? Have you tried disabling any power saving features in the driver options menu?

  2. raja@asus said:

    I assume you are running the latest UEFI version as well? Have you tried disabling any power saving features in the driver options menu?


    Raja -

    I am running the latest BIOS, revision 1405. I'm not sure how to disable power saving features, is that in AI suite?

    I thought I had this situation fixed, as it worked for several days, but now it is broken again. I updated to Windows 8.1, and reinstalled the bluetooth drivers from Asus website and still nothing.

    Could you clarify which driver specifically I need to install for bluetooth? Since I have so many options on the driver page I have just been trying them all to see if they will work. Also, should I be uninstalling drivers before I install new ones?

  3. Some additional information, after reading the manual for the motherboard I see that there should be a blue light on the wifi go module when the bluetooth is enabled. There is no blue light near the wifi go module (there is a green light for wifi) which leads me to believe bluetooth is disabled on a low level somewhere. Right now I'm running at optimized defaults in the BIOS, and I have not run 4 way optimization of any kind. In device manager, there is no bluetooth. In the "metro" pc settings where there should be a "wireless" section, there is none.

    I even resorted to doing a fresh windows install, nothing.
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    Remove AC power from the PSU (wait for the residual power to drain - say 30 seconds) and clear CMOS. Then turn on at AC again and power up the board. See if the Bluetooth module comes back in device manager. If not, might need to RMA the board.
  5. Raja -

    This worked beautifully, thank you so much! Very glad not to have to RMA my board. I'll update if I have any more trouble.

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