New computer build, computer won't POST beep at all (PSU, CPU, and Motherboard are all that's installed) Help please.

I've been working on a new computer build. Before putting the components into the case, I tested it with a "breadboard" configuration (Just the motherboard, CPU and Heatsink, Power supply, Graphics card, and RAM) and the speaker wouldn't beep at all. This is my problem right now.

I removed the Graphics card, and still no POST beep.
I removed the RAM, and still no POST beep.

Now I'm down to just the Motherboard, CPU+Heatsink, and power supply. When powered on, there's no POST beeps at all. Just silence. I've even tried two different motherboard speakers and still no beeps.

Here's the problem: I know that one of these 3 components is faulty (Either the Motherboard, CPU, or Power Supply) But there's no way for me to test which of those three is faulty. I certainly need to return one of these components to the retailer I got it from, but I don't know which one is defective.

ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 Am3+ motherboard

AMD FX 8120 Zambezi 8-core processor, 3.1Ghz

Power Supply:
Coolmax 650W Power Supply

How do I check which of these 3 components is broken?
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  1. have you connected a monitor to this?

    How are you starting it?

    The psu is very low quality . Have you got another you can try?
  2. jnkweaver said:

    Anonymous said:
    have you connected a monitor to this?

    How are you starting it?

    The psu is very low quality . Have you got another you can try?

    Yes, I've tried through all of those procedures completely, and the only thing I can think of trying is using another PSU which I know is good. I have a good high-quality Corsair 850W PSU that i've been using well for over 2 years, I'll try that one tomorrow.

    Yes, haha I know that this PSU is very low quality, but I was trying to save money. My mistake for buying a cheap PSU! I have a very good PSU from Corsair that I can try in the computer tomorrow, I'll see if that fixes the problem.
    Also, yes I've connected a Monitor to this before, but that was with the VGA installed. The 2 monitors I tried wouldn't find a signal from both HDMI and VGA.
    I power on the system by taking a screwdriver to short the 2 pins where the case-plug would go (it's the same thing as pressing the power button.

    So, I'll try this solution, but does anyone have another suggestion?
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