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I need major help with a PC issue I'm having, here's a link to the parts: My $2200 gaming PC is about 40 days old and has been fine for those 40 days. Temperatures were great and I had no problems maxing out games while only hovering at around 60c, never had any BSODs or crashes (except when I was testing my overclocking which stopped as soon as I got the voltage right).

Yesterday my PC turned itself off while it was running a game (I was away from the pc so not sure if there were any pops or smoke etc) and wont turn on, it only flickers the fans on for a split second. I had it plugged into a surge protector as well. My mobo has some cool features like a dual BIOS and powering on from a button on the board (allowing me to disconnect the front panel connectors), both of which didnt help. I stripped the PC down to no peripherals, 1 stick of ram (tried both sticks), the CPU (exposed, no heatsink now), a cpu fan plugged into the cpu1 slot, & the mobo, but the problem continues. I've tried 3 different power cords, a different surge protector plugged into a different outlet, and today I even bought a comparable PSU and a cheap PSU tester. I've also run through all these steps

The comparable PSU I bought is the Corsair TX650 bronze, not sure if it's as "safe" as the Rosewill one. The PSU tester I bought is a $15 tester called "Ultra power supply tester" by a company called ultraproducts (no idea if its good). I tested these using just the 24 pin & 8 pin 12v EPS.

-When the old psu is plugged into the tester, it turns off after a split second by itself (only showing 5v on the 24pin and nothing on the eps 12v). Of course when hooked up to the mobo, it turns off after a split second as well. The only light to stay on is the mobo's power light, and only the fans flicker when this turns on.

-When the new PSU is plugged in to the tester, it starts up fine and has all lights lit (except -5v) plus the cpu 12v and the psu actually stays on with the fan running. It seems like a no-brainer that it's the psu, but when I plugged the new PSU into my mobo, the same exact thing happens, it turns off after a split second flicker of power.

The difference between the two is I have to unplug and replug the old PSU to get the pc to flicker while with the new one I can keep hitting power and it will keep flickering, also the new one has all the mobo lights turn on for a split second. My friend says he doesn't trust PSU testers and thinks my old PSU is fine & the problem is the CPU/Mobo.

I'm worried I have to RMA the motherboard, I'm even more worried the psu may have ruined the mobo or CPU, but these are brand new "safe" parts that worked fine for 40 days until now. I was going to call MSI tech support tomorrow to see if they can help me resolve this. I feel pretty sick to my stomach about this, so I greatly appreciate any assistance or ideas.


Edit 11/6/17

I forgot I never updated this thread. I'm not posting a new reply since I don't want to necro the thread.

The issue turned out to be the MSI motherboard. It took over a month to get a replacement board through RMA. To this day I often joke about the "Military-grade" title the board boasted, and I don't touch MSI boards anymore.
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  1. Hi. First, that Corsair TX650w is a good PSU and I have one in my other desktop. Rosewill is not a quality power supply. People have a tendency to cheap out on the Power Supply to cut costs. This is one area that you shouldn't. When a power supply goes, it can take a lot of stuff with it. I'm afraid you just found that out. It could be the motherboard, CPU, or both.
  2. coastie65 said:
    When a power supply goes, it can take a lot of stuff with it. I'm afraid you just found that out. It could be the motherboard, CPU, or both.

    Thanks for the response.

    That's exactly the nightmare I'm afraid of, that the PSU indeed failed and ruined my other hardware. The reason I'm doubtful is I shelled out over $100 for it though and it's supposedly a safe PSU that refuses to start if there's a short.

    Do you think I should just RMA the mobo and try it with the same PSU, or do you really think the $100+ Rosewill PSU failed and will destroy whatever it touches?

    Link to the PSU
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    I'm reasonably sure the PSU failed and took some stuff with it. The first thought I had had, was that the OC may have fried the processor, but that would have happened much sooner than 40 days if that was the case and you would have noticed some anomalies before it happened. You should RMA the Motherboard, but I wouldn't use the same PSU. I would use the Corsair. If you have issues with a replacement Motherboard, then you probably toasted the CPU as well.
  4. I might just RMA both the PSU and the mobo then, because I really can't afford to keep this PSU if it isn't going to work anyway with it. Thanks for the help. If you or anyone else has any final ideas let me know, I'm keeping a close eye on this thread.
  5. As for it being comaprable with the TX650w Corsair, maybe in some aspects, but Corsair tends to use good Caps inside and that is one thoing that sets PSU's apart. There are a lot of good quality PSU's out there, Corsair ( except the CX series ), Seasonic, XFX, PC Power & Cooling, Silverstone, & Lepa. They all use Japanese Caps which are considered the best. Hopefully your CPU isn't toast as well.
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