Can anyone suggest me a good CPU fan for this CPU?

AMD FX-6300 6-Core Processor Black Edition

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  1. budget? i can tell u to go get a $100 cooler or a $15 one lol

    $15-30 cm tx3/zalman cnps 5x, cm hyper 212 evo, xigmatek gaia. $50+, Xigmatek dark knight II, zalman cnps 9900max, phanteks ph tc12dx
  2. ,I am willing to spend like atleast 40 dollars or 20.I don't want to go overboard with a CPU fan.I just want good cpu fan with a good price and the socket of the fan must be AM3+.
  3. all the ones i mentioned are am3+, all the ones in the 50+ are great coolers and will run quite, the gaia or 212 evo are better than the tx3 or cnps 5x. the tx3 and cnps 5x have the easiest installation, same as the stock amd cooler, and also forgot the mention the cm t4. If ur not looking to overclock then any of them will do more than enough, and well the bigger fan usually the quiester and well the higher priced ones will be better than the lower ones if overclocking. my cnps 9990max with my oc i can run at silent no problem and it comes with a resistor for low rpm running.
  4. I am not willing to OC or anything.I just hear people say that the AMD stock fans are not that good and I decided to go for a custom fan.Is it alright if I use a AMD stock fan?
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    it is as they supply it it almost has to be good enough, but that is it only just good enough, so even if i built a pc for someone who would only use for reg use or not oc id still recommend a aftermarket cooler so something around the $15-30 mark. the tx3 and cnps 5x and T4 use the stock amd mounting bracket so is a really easy installation, the rest require a different backplate and has a different mounting solution.

    The stock cooler either it be amd or intel is normally is "good enough" but eventually gets very loud under load and as i said a small cheap cooler will cool better and has lower noise levels

    Edit: most stock coolers will get near the high or max temps for the cpu but normally dont overheat unless rlly dusty. use to run a stock cooler on a fx 8150 and ran around 50-55c under load
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