Which Thermal Paste Is Better Than Noctura NT-H1 For Graphics Cards?

I have a ASUS DC2 7970 and I have it heavily OCed and stable, but I think I could get better temperatures because every time I hit 80C, artifacts tend to happen and after reading this on I found the OEM thermal paste to be quite crappy.

My OC -
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  1. I like Artic Cooling MX-4
  2. DarkSable said:
    I like Artic Cooling MX-4

    Im using that with my Phanteks P14CE and 2600K@4.8GHz.
    I like it also, but is it better than Noctua's solution? IDK
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    It's some of the best stuff out there, but I don't know what Noctua's stuff can do.

    That being said, Tom's is doing a report on a whole slew of thermal pastes. Part one is already up on the front page, and part two should be coming real soon. I'd give that thing a look.
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