intel xeon e3 1230 v2

i know this cpu is a good choice for hyperthreaded tasks such as video editing but i also plan to let my girlfriend use my system for occasional gaming. would this cpu handle gaming just fine as well?
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  1. Not a bad chip i7 performance for the price of an i5. Xenons have ECC and run at lower voltages so it runs cooler, the only downside is no overclocking. It will handle anything you throw at it, just remember there is no graphics on this chip!

    What are you using btw..Handbrake??
  2. what do you mean? yeah, i use handbrake but what does that have to do with anything? gpu wont be a problem i already have a gtx 550 ti. would that do for mild gaming? i initially got it to help with video encoding what with the cuda cores and all.
  3. yes it would handle gaming just fine, and all of your tasks.
  4. good to know although the sweet deal i was about to have with this cpu wont push through. what do you guys think about the i7 870? is it comparable with this cpu?
  5. The Xeon E3-1230 V2 is pretty much better in every way than the i7-870.
  6. yeah i kind of got that but the deal i had with the xeon is about to be off so im kind of looking for alternatives
  7. That xeon is basically a i7 3770 without the integrated graphics. Nice cpu and very good value for money, although theres a v3 now I think.
  8. That is a first gen i7 and the xeon is 3rd gen that i7 would do fine as well but just not as good as the xeon either way you should still be able play anything.
  9. but would i be able to edit video without any problems with playback and would it render much slower or would it just be a couple of seconds in time difference?
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    Yea you will be able to edit,render,game all of that with no problems at all.
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