direct media interface on intel xeon e3 haswell series

Could you please describe real performance gains if the core has DMI feature ?
What it gives me comparing i7 4770(non K!) vs xeon e3 1245 v3 in performance, virtualization-wise for home lab server with the load of running 3-4 guest systems simultaneously with comfort (of course having 32GB of RAM on-board) ? It will be used as a server for practicing different RDBMS technologies.. mostly for oracle...

So which one is better ?

Thanks much in advance !!!
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  1. the 4770 (K) 4 cores and then 4 cores of hyper threading and unlocked multiplier why not that the xeon is way too much for the mobos
  2. I m considering non K version of i7.. Both i7 4770 and xeon e3 1245 v3 has hyper threading feature..
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