Need a new Mobo for XFire but is still compatible with my i7-2600k

Currently, im using my 2600k with a AMD 7970. I would like to add another card but my Biostar board only supports pci 20 x8/x4 crossfire. i am having troubles finding a newer board that has a z77 chipset but still supports my i7 2600k with pci 2.0 x8/x8. Additionally, i have a ht omega Claro+ sound card that uses a pci express interface so i need a board that has enough space between one of the video cards and the pci express slot. i can find a board that will work with the setup i want and could use some help.
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    Get the Rock's Z77 Extreme 4, best selling and best rated
  2. It looks nice but does it support pci 2.0 x8/x8?
  3. Yes, no problem, have run up to a pair of 7950s on mine with no problem
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