software raid 5 recovery after dedicated OS drive crashes

I recently set up a fun little HP Proliant server for storage and small tasks here and there. I have had it all set up and now looking at the configuration i put together i began wondering a question that i have been unsuccessful in finding an answer on from what i have been able to google (i tried so i wouldn't bug you guys).

Hard drive Setup:

The operating system is on a dedicated 250gb hard drive running Windows Home Server 2011.

x3 2tb Seagate Barricuda drives are set up in the Windows Home Server software Raid with RAID 5. These are my backup/file drives.

here is my question:

Let's say i lose the 250gb dedicated OS drive. Since the RAID 5 is configured THROUGH the OS drive do i lose the raid information? If not what is the process in recovering it? Do i simply reload a new drive w/ windows home server '11 and it will pick up the previous RAID or does it involve recovery once i get a new OS drive up and running. I am trying to figure out if i set this up poorly or not for redundancy.

Any input and suggestions on optimization would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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    Haven't dealt with a Raid 5 software raid before but the way (at least hardware raid) works is that not only is it configured in the Raid Controller (OS) but also on the hard drive it self. Because they are setup as a Dynamic Disk when you reload windows it should automatically detect the Dynamic Disk and then load the raid. But from looking up a few things online it seems as if as long as the OS is the same you shouldn't have an issue. And since its the server edition it should be able to detect all that stuff pretty well. I mean its a server so they had more options than if it was Win 7 or 8 or something. besides even with a Raid 5 you should still have a backup of your data.
  2. It's most likely your RAID5 will be intact and operational after plug to another WHS11.
    Unless the failed mode was taken out 2x drives of your RAID5.
    With that in mind, always backup your important data.
  3. If you truly setup the raid 5 from within windows, did you use the AMD or Intel utility or did you do it thru disk management?
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