Will this network setup work?

hello, i was wondering if the type of networking about will work?

There are 4 sets of 15 computers.
Each set will be connected to a switch.
The 4 switches will then be connected to a switch.
The main switch is connected to a router.
And the router will be connected to a modem with internet.

will all the clients be able to connect to each other and to the internet?
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    mi1ez said:

    Agreed, since the switches just carry the connection to whatever is plugged into them. So all your computers will therefore be on the same network, just as if every computer was just plugged into the modem directly.

    Just make sure that the ones going from the router to the switch is slot number 1, then make sure on your 2nd switch the wire connecting the first and second switch is in slot 1, Then all your computer switches will feed into the 1-4 slot on your computer...that way it enables all of switches to carry to the computers.
  2. It doesn't really matter which ports you use in the switches unless you plan on ganging them. I would however suggest doing the same with each for consistency.
  3. Hmm......must be a little off then since mine always seemed to notice it....actually out of the 100 or so networks I have worked on they always had to be set up that way. No matter what the conditions were.
  4. I would always set them up that way by choice for consistency but never had a problem however they were set up (if ports died, or for testing a dying switch etc.)
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