Replacing the HDD with SATA 3

My old HDD died a few days ago so I replaced it with my external for now but I have to buy a new one. My old HDD was;

It says SATA 3 Gb/s so I assume that's SATA 2 (please correct me if I'm wrong), but the one I'm planning to buy is SATA 3:

So I'm not sure how big of a bottleneck will it be, putting a SATA3 on SATA2 , will it negatively affect game performance and will the new HDD's transfer speed suffer too much cause it's connected to SATA2?
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    If your motherboard is only Sata-2 compatible, then theoretically, you will be limited to 300MB/s read/write speeds compared to 600MB/s with Sata-3. This is irrelevant with mechanical drives which typically only reach speeds of 150-180MB/s in ideal conditions. An SSD on the other hand is capable of giving you speeds of 400+MB/s and would reach values closer to 300MB/s on your system.
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