Best G.Skill ram?

Hello im am looking at getting some G.Skill ram and im am trying to find out which one would be best for gaming and general use. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77-UD3H motherboard and a Hyper 212 evo cpu cooler and need to it fit with the cooler in.

- Trident X:
- Ripjaws X:
- Ripjaws X:
- Ares:
- Sniper Gaming:

CPU Cooler:
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    The cooler will work with any DRAM - the height of the fan is adjustable, I run 32GB 4x8GB of Tridents on my IB build with the fan raised a bit, 4x8GB under another EVO on my Sandy Bridge build with Ripjaws far as the DRAM itself, my 1st pick for the last year+ has been the Tridents, followed by the Snipers and then the Ripjaws (either X or Z models)
  2. For maximum performance, the G.Skill Trident X series is best. The top fins of the heat spreader can be removed, so they will clear any CPU cooler you have including the Hyper 212 and many larger ones.

    Thank you
  3. what will be the difference if i took the heatspreaders off a boost in the temps?
  4. If you only remove the top red fins, everything will be fine and still very cool.

    If you completely remove the heat spreader, heat is not dispersed as efficiently, but the modules can still run just fine. Temps will still be the same, just more concentrated.

    Thank you
  5. Thanks you i will look into it, if i get the trident x for a good price ill get it :)
  6. Think you'll love 'em, been using them for over a year now, both client and personal builds
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