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my computer's volume decreased day by day for about 3 days until nothing. and the volume control icon vanished. in control panel the volume tab is frozen and will not allow me to do anything. sliders won't move etc. parts of other tabs are frozen also. i've referenced many articles similar to mine. but haven't found one with the "frozen" tabs in control panel like mine. if i were able to access or better yet, utilize the volume tab i'd probably be fixed now with all the material available and online support. however, i'm here pleading for help. thanx, dave
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  1. Apparently the sound driver is disabled or corrupted... Check in the Device Manager \ Sound Video and Game Controllers... right click on the Sound Card* \ Click on Uninstall \ Restart the computer. If sound is still not enabled, re-install the sound card driver.

    *Install HWiNFO if you have to identify the Sound Card make and model.
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