Hard Disk connected but not showing the path and data seems to have converted to raw

I connected my hard disk to a Digital Set Up Box as an external recording device. On the prompt whether to convert the entire hard disk data in an encrypted format, I selected NO and disconnected the hard disk. Now on connecting the hard disk back to a laptop, the hard disk gets connected however the laptop/desktop does not show the path of this drive and hence I am in trouble. Could anyone help me with this please....Regards, Vikas
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  1. Control Panel >> Computer Management >> Disk Management
    Find the ribbon in the bottom-right panel which relates to that drive (it will probably say "Raw" on it's ribbon).
    Right-click that ribbon and choose "Change Drive Letter & Paths"
    Click "Add".
    Choose a letter from the drop-down box or just accept the default letter.
    Click 'OK' and wait up to 15 seconds for the ribbon to update itself.
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